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IA- Investment Adviser Paid Testimonial or Endorsement Checklist

IA- Investment Adviser Paid Testimonial or Endorsement Checklist

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The Investment Adviser Paid Testimonial and/or Endorsement Checklist serves as an important part of an investment adviser’s efforts to comply with the SEC’s new combined marketing Rule 206(4)-1 (“Marketing Rule”) in accordance with Release No. IA-5653; File No. S7-21-19; effective date May 4, 2021. The SEC’s new Marketing Rule requires investment advisers that provide compensation, directly or indirectly, for testimonials or endorsements, must comply with certain conditions, unless otherwise exempt, such as required disclosures, oversight & compliance, and review for disqualification. Members also viewed SEC Registered Investment Adviser Compliance and Supervisory Procedure Manual (with Exhibits) and SEC Registered Investment Adviser Compliance Manual (without Exhibits)

Version/Update: V.1/May 1, 2021

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Source/Author(s): Connexien

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