FL- Florida Disclosure Statement for a FL Intrastate Crowdfunding Offer-Supplement CI

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The FL Disclosure Statement for a Florida Intrastate Crowdfunding Offering - Supplement CI is used by an issuer of a crowdfunded securities offering pursuant to Florida Statute, Section 517.0611.  A disclosure statement must be made available to potential investors either through the issuer or intermediary containing material information regarding the issuer and the offering.  The disclosure statement must be submitted to the Florida Office of Financial Regulation at the time of filing Form FL-CI.  Members also downloaded Florida Registration of Crowdfunding Intermediary Application Form FL-INT or Florida Notice of Crowdfunding Issuer Offering Form FL-CI.

Version/Update: V.U/10/2015

Total Page Count/Format: 3/.pdf

Source/Author(s): Florida Office of Financial Regulation